Group Photo before Final Match

Well done Sargodhian's

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Honour Lane

The Pride Lane for Sargodhians

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Short Report of Sargodhian Website

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Well Done Sargodhian's

Sargodhians participated in the HRCA Art and Creative Writing competition held across the country in April, 2018. Nine talented Sargodhians clinched positions in their respective categories.
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Dinner in the honour of incoming and outgoing Patron-in-Chiefs SOBA

A dinner is being arranged on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 at 1945 hrs, at Air Headquarters Officers’ Mess, E-9 Islamabad to welcome new Patron-in-Chief SOBA Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan NI (M) and bid farewell to outgoing Patron-in-Chief SOBA, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman NI (M) at Air Headquarters Officers’ Mess E-9 Sector, Islamabad. All Sargodhians are requested to attend the dinner with their wives.
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Sargodhians Of North America (SONA) meeting Feb 24, 2018 - Washington DC

In a short period of three months, Sargodhians who live outside of Pakistan have quickly organized the North America Chapter and are planning to hold their second reunion on Feb 24, 2018 in Washington DC. Over 170 people have registered for the event and this promises to be an exciting well attended event. Please check photo gallery for all pictures and videos of the event.
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SOBA Karachi - Annual Meeting and Elections

The 2018 Annual meeting of SOBA Karachi Chapter will be held at PAF museum on Feb 24, 2018
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Address by President SOBA

Address by President SOBA Welcome/Farewell Dinner for President SOBA At the outset, on behalf of all Sargodhians I congratulate ACM Mujahid Anwar Khan for assuming the command of the one of the best Air Forces of the world. Our best wishes and prayers will always remain with him. I have no doubt about his loads of multifaceted professional experience, humanity, eye for the detail and level of headedness, would keep our wonderful service on-course to even newer heights. I also fecilitate him for becoming the Ptron-in-Chief of Sargodhian Old Boys Association. I am sure that his patronage of SOBA and ofcourse its affiliate, SST, would provide the organizations requisite impetus and help them achieve their nation building objective more vigorously.
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Proposal By Sohail Shafi to establish Alumni Office At PAF college Sargodha

Proposal submitted by Sohail Shafi (1161 Alauddin) for the formation of Alumni Office at PAF college Sargodha.
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Late Babar Suleman 22nd / 70th / 70th A Reunion Islamabad - 10 22nd / 70th / 70th A Reunion Islamabad - 7 Washington D.C. Reunion 24th Feb - 7 Washington D.C. Reunion 24th Feb - 4 The College SONA REUNION 2018 official - 04 SONA REUNION 2018 official - 03 SONA REUNION 2018 official- 02 Eid Millan Party at PAF Base Faisal (Officers Mess) SONA REUNION 2018 official - 01